Millennials and Non-verbal communication -

Millennials and Non-verbal communication

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This essay is about you…well, many of you.  Your task is to form a complex issue, an argument, related to the Millennials.  Consider whether or not the stereotypes suggested seem fair.  What do you think are the origins of these stereotypes? Would the millennials frame their world differently than in the way they are categorized, labeled, and described?

Economics Assignment Solution

The Millennial generation is a special demographic category in the US for various reasons and one of the ways they are different from previous generations is that “this is the first generation to have had access to the internet during their formative years” (CEA 3, para 2). The millennials’ childhood has witnessed astounding advances in technology and computing and because of this, it has shaped the ways that millennials interact with technology because of which they are able to be in touch with people throughout the day and night because of which they have more quality and quantity in relationships without stepping outside their homes.
My claim is that because of this unique relationship that the millennial generation has with technology, they can have a thriving social life without leaving their homes. Millennials’ social lives are dominated by non-verbal communication more than other generations. Although one expects a generation that thrives on non-verbal communication to be more cut off from their family, friends and community (Ramage, Bean, and Johnson, 2014) the millennials’ have actually reported stronger connections with parents and family and friends (CEA 9, para 1; Hersperger, 10), proving that non-verbal communication can in some ways compliment verbal communication and bring people closer to each other.
The most all-pervasive of all technological breakthroughs in communication in recent decades has come in mobile phone technology. Earlier people needed to use a heavy desktop or laptop to connect to the internet, but today’s smartphones have given a different meaning to the concept of “being wired” – the millennials’ are a generation that is online all hours of the day and night  (CEA 7, para 4,  Hersperger, 35). They carry their accessibility to the world in their pockets all the time. They can be accessed all the time and they can access happenings in the world as well as their families and friends all the time. They would be the first generation who cannot remember a life without the internet and 24-hour internet connectivity………………

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