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Online learning

Online learning is a great alternative to courses being offered in traditional brick and mortar educational institutions.

Flexible and convenient for people with very busy schedules, online courses make it possible for individuals who want to finish their college degree, take another postgraduate course, or learn a new skill to study during their free time without having to leave their current job or have someone look after their children. However, despite the many advantages being offered by the e-learning platform, it is not easy to successfully complete an online course. Before signing up for an online class, interested individuals must check and see if they have what it takes, or are willing to develop these skills, to finish an online course.

Amy collier expressed her views about online learning in one of her Ted-x talks in Stanford.

Reading and Writing Skills

Reading and writing skills are the most basic requirements in taking an online course. Since there is no face to face interaction with the educator or instructor, it is important that learners are comfortable reading several learning materials as well as writing the answers to their assignments, quizzes, and projects. Also, a learner needs to be able to type at least 38 to 40 words per minute, which is the average typing speed. If typing speed falls below this number, there are online tools that can help improve this skill.

Communication Skills

Having good communication skills is vital in online learning because learners need to be able to convey their answers, questions, and concerns in a polite and clear manner that will not be misinterpreted by their educator or fellow learners. In the absence of physical interactions with the instructor and other learners, there are several tools provided by online courses to help facilitate smooth coordination, such as email, online discussion groups, chat room. Aside from these, learners may reach out to their instructor using their smartphones via text messaging. When communicating with instructors and fellow learners, it is important to use polite and appropriate language. Write complete, grammatically correct sentences in a professional and respectful tone.

Basic Technical Skills in online learning

Since learners will be using the computer for taking their online course, they are required to possess basic technical skills for them to succeed. Although online courses typically have new student orientation programs and teach learners how to use their learning management system (LMS) and other online tools, they don’t usually cover the basics, so learners should be able to use a word processing program, create new documents, download software, and navigate the internet.

Steve Fiehl thinks the digital media is revolutionizing learning.

Effective Time Management

Sometimes, having the freedom and the flexibility makes it so easy for learners to put off time for their online course which delays their completion. Effective time management and discipline are necessary for learners to be able to complete their tasks on time. It is recommended for learners to check the syllabus of the e-learning platform and plot specific times and dates in their calendar so they are sure to dedicate time for their online course.

By making sure that online learners possess these skills prior to taking an e-learning course, they can be confident that they will be able to successfully complete their online course.

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