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Project Management Case Study Assignment

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Project Management Question

The Case Study Scenario 

You live on the Gold Coast and want to get out of your current job. Diddly Squat is an old friend of your partner and has got in contact with you because he has inherited 2 million dollars from a recently passed great aunt. He is looking for a way to invest a portion of his money and has identified a clear need for a florist in one of Gold Coast’s growth suburbs, Pimpama-Coomera. 

He knows that you have experience running an established florist and knows that you have an MBA. For these reasons he wants you to prepare a Project Plan that will detail what it would take to get the florist store to opening day (not what it would take to keep the florist running). He said he will pay you $5,500 to prepare the plan and you have accepted. 

Diddly also said that if he does go ahead with the florist shop, he wants you to run it. You eagerly accepted the offer because you love petunias and because your hope is that you and your life-partner – an unemployed accountant who has the computers skills that you don’t have – will work together on the Project Plan and then run the store together. 

Further instructions from Squat: 

  • His Aunt’s will be executed in November and he said he will have access to the money and the shop before the 15th December. 
  • The store wants to link into an existing international network where flowers can be ordered (say from overseas or interstate) and delivered to the event. You are to investigate options for this and to allow for a computer system to be implemented. 
  • If he decides to go ahead with the project, he will pay you a wage of $80 an hour to get the store to opening day. When the store is up-and-running he will extract 12% of the shop’s profits for himself and leave the rest for you to use as you see fit. 
  • He is prepared to pay the wages of anyone else you decide to bring into the project, on the assumption that it will reduce total project time and lead to a better result. He wants you to decide on the wages of anyone else you want to bring into the project. 
  • He wants to locate the florist in an empty office/store that his Aunt bought some time ago in a Pimpama-Coomera shopping centre 
  • He wants you to come up with a name for the business 
  • He wants to get the store open as soon as possible 

Your Task 

More specifically, you have two major tasks: 

  1. Develop a Project Management Plan. This document should be based on the 

“Project Management Plan Template.docx” document located on the subject Moodle web site. 

It is important that your document looks professional and sells your proposal to Diddly Squat. Use your Microsoft Word skills to: 

  • Make use of heading and text “Styles” 
  • Make use of “Templates” or “Themes” 
  • Include a “Cover Page” 
  • Use appropriate paragraph and page breaks 
  • Include page numbering in the “Footer” and an appropriate “Header” 
  • Include a “Table of Contents” 
  1. Enter your project plan into Microsoft Project. Ensure that you: 
  • Create predecessors for tasks where practical and “auto-schedule” all tasks 
  • Account for public holidays in your calendar 
  • Change your project’s calendar to reflect your plan to work 6 days a week, starting at 9am and finishing at 6pm with a 1 hour break for lunch 
  • Include 2 or more people in your project. At the least, include yourself and your partner. You won’t necessarily get more marks by including more than 2 people – just make sure that what you do with your people resources is realistic 
  • Record full personal details for each team member, including their name, their role, their email address and full contact details, and their pay rate 
  • Allocate team members to each task 
  • Create a single summary task in your Gantt chart for the entire project and name it whatever you decided to name the business. Then create other “summary tasks” within wherever you deem appropriate 
  • Create milestones/deliverables 
  • With regard to the material costs you estimate (e.g. contractors, computers, shop fittings), you can either allocate them to the tasks that use them, or more simply, you can allocate them as a single fixed cost to the project summary task 
  • Clear up any resource conflicts

Set the project’s baseline when you have completed everything else

Project Management Solution

Business Case

The study emphasizes to prepare a project plan that details the doings of the florist shop. The design has to address different issues faced to launch a new venture (Leonard‐Barton 1992) in the city. A detailed study has to be done to understand the significance of launching the venture.  An approximate profit margin can be drawn considering the importance of the venture.  Considering the fund reserve the marketing strategies (Vargo & Lusch 2004) (Rust, Lemon & Zeithaml 2004) and advertising methodologies (Reynolds & Gutman 1984) (Vakratsas & Ambler 1999) need to be addressed. The plan has to detail the procedure of staffing to the venture. 

The study has to aim to build good relationships (Reinartz et al. 2004) (Lemon, White & Winer 2002) with the customers. Providing reliable service to the clients has to be given higher priority. Reliable international and local vendors serving the purpose are to be regularized. To reach the stated goal, the finest advertising strategies have to be adopted. 

Project Scope

The project has to start with the planning phase. The deadlines for completing the project depend on money flow and teamwork. Confirming with the capital investment, the team players prepare the proposal of the project. The planning stage is the effort required by the individual to carry out the assigned task.  This stage is followed by the preparation of a financial plan. The financial strategy has to display the funds and resources required at all stages. The team has to identify the vendors who can aid in processing their orders.

In the design phase, the team members have to analyze future doings.  The procedure is followed by an evaluation of the critical quantities of the project. The preparation of the logical framework is the next approach adopted. Internal and external factors affecting the project are considered. A monitoring and evaluation plan is outlined in this phase. The framework staged starting with taking orders.  Contacting the vendors and receiving the deliverables follows. 

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